Thursday, November 10, 2016

The day after

On election night, my husband and I watched anxiously into the wee hours as the results came in. It’s no secret that we were rooting for Hilary. When it became clear that the outcome would not be what we had hoped, we went to sleep, I think hoping that when we awoke something miraculous would have happened.

We woke up November 9th disappointed and struggling to imagine what our country would be like come January 20th, 2017. Understandably, Matt decided he'd had enough politics for one day and didn’t want to watch Secretary Clinton’s concession speech. I, on the other hand, needed some guidance on how to handle all of this. With all of the #notmypresident and other divided sentiments on social media, it was clear we all needed some encouragement.

She reminded us, “Our campaign was never about one person, or even one election. It was about the country we love and building an America that is hopeful, inclusive, and big-hearted.” President Obama put it so well in his speech saying, “...everybody is sad when their side loses an election, but the day after we have to remember that we're actually all on one team. This is an intramural scrimmage. We're not Democrats first. We're not Republicans first. We are Americans first. We're patriots first.”

But the guidance I really needed came when I heard these words of Secretary Clinton’s, “Our constitutional democracy demands our participation, not just every four years, but all the time. So let’s do all we can to keep advancing the causes and values we all hold dear. Making our economy work for everyone, not just those at the top, protecting our country and protecting our planet. And breaking down all the barriers that hold any American back from achieving their dreams...So now, our responsibility as citizens is to keep doing our part to build that better, stronger, fairer America we seek. And I know you will.”

At lunch with my husband later that day we made a commitment to do our part. We set a goal of one hour a week of either volunteerism or activism in our community - 52 hours each by the end of 2017. We would be honored, and encouraged in our efforts if even one of you decides to join us.

This blog will be dedicated to sharing our experiences and highlighting causes that need your help. We hope you’ll check in regularly.

- Jamie Kelsey

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